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Materials Needed

No materials needed.


This page describes what you need to in the planning phase of your printer build, before actually purchasing any parts.

Two major decisions that need to be made at this point are the dimensions of your printer, and whether you want it to have a single or dual Z Axis.

Another important thing to think about is how you want to purchase the parts. There are kits available that have all or most parts that you will need for the build, but you don't choose specific parts. You may be able to customize the kit and pick specific parts. The alternative is to buy individual parts. The important thing to consider is that there are A LOT of parts that need to be ordered and it can be a tedious process to track down and order all the correct parts. If the purpose of doing this is trying to save money, just be aware that you will be spending A LOT of time to do this. If you value your time at all, it may not be worth it to save nickels and dimes on the parts.

Step By Step Instructions With Pictures

  • Become familiar with the printer on the Thingiverse Page.
  • Use the configuration spreadsheet to configure your build.
    • Navigate to the Files Page on the Thingiverse item and download the file "HyperCube_Evolution_Configuration_v1.4.xlsx".
    • Fill out the X, Y, Z under the "Min. Build Volume / Travel" heading. This causes the values of the numbers in the "BOM - Extrusions and linear guides" section to change. The numbers are this section are the dimensions of parts you will need for your selected options.
    • Decide whether you want a "Single" or "Double" Z Axis and select it under the "Z Axis" heading. This will also affect the dimensions of parts.
    • Select the other options you desire. (It would be nice if somebody who knows can describe what these do and the pros and cons of the different choices.)
  • (Optional) Download the CAD model and import it into your CAD Software. This is how you import it into Fusion 360:
    • Open Fusion 360. Expand the Data Panel and create a new project.
    • Open the project you just created within the Data Panel.
    • Download HyperCube_Evolution_v1.0.rar from the Thingiverse Files Page. Extract the rar file into its own folder.
    • Click the "Upload" button in the Fusion 360 Data Panel. Drag and Drop or select all of the files in the extracted rar directory. Click "Upload".
    • Fusion 360 asks you to "Identify one top-level assembly file". Select "HyperCube Evolution - Double Z motor 1.0" or "HyperCube Evolution - Single Z motor" depending on which option you would like to load. Do not select "HyperCube Evolution" unless you want to see only the frame.
    • Wait while Fusion 360 uploads and converts. Once it is complete, you can double click on the newly created design in your Data Panel and navigate it like any other Fusion 360 design.
    • Here is an online view of the Fusion 360 assemblies that are created:

Alternative Options

Sources For Supplies

Fusion 360 Software (Free for hobbyists)