3D Printed Components

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The 3D printed components can be found on the Thingiverse page, with revisions being occasionally made. These parts should be made on a machine with good tolerances, as they hold brass inserts, and receive bolts.

What to print & How many

  • Use the "HyperCube_Evolution_Configuration_v1.4.xlsx" (included in the download from Thingiverse) to tell you which STL to print how many of
  • FGSC_3030_Mount_-_Left_1.0 & FGSC_3030_Mount_-_Right_1.0 are for the RRD full graphic smart LCD mount - not required


The components printed will be critical structural elements in the HEVO. These components will be weight and load bearing, so you want to print with strength in mind. The "best" material is up for debate, however the following 3 are the most commonly used:

  • PLA -- Not recommended in warm climates as it has a tendency to warp. Is acceptable to use if no other options are available, but a very high infill percentage should be used.
  • ABS -- Acceptable but some users have had issues with the stability of ABS parts.
  • PETG -- Currently the most commonly recommended as it has high thermal resistance, good mechanical properties, and is low cost.