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Standard Bill Of Material

A BOM (Bill Of Material) is a list of all (or most) the parts required to build the HEVO. Since the HEVO is a DIY project you can add/remove/change the parts as you see fit to achieve other goals (such as bigger or unusual build volumes). The "standard" BOM is a printer with:

Other BOMs

BOM Size Notes
jfint's BOM 300*300*300 24V with links and prices
ShakataGaNai's BOM 300*300*300 'Standard' BOM, still WIP
Asphyth and Lefeuc4 BOM 300*300*300 French BOM, 2 printers 12V Dual Z with links and prices
Hevtec´s BOM 300*300*300 German/Deutsch 12V 24V
09labs BOM 300*300*300 Korean BOM, Dual Z, 12V/24V Full BOM List

Spreadsheet of many successful HEVO Build Specs

Online BoM calculator (Not confirmed)

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