Electrical Safety Issues

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Warning Mains Voltages can kill. In most countries, there are legal ramifications / liabilities when tinkering with mains voltages. The HEVO Wiki is not liable if you do kill yourself, see General disclaimer


(not listed in any order)

  • It is strongly recommended that any mains-supplied PSUs are supplied via an appropriate inline portable RCD protection device. Aside from any other reason, bear in mind that most of us will be utilizing relatively cheap high-current PSUs of questionable quality, and an RCD device may well be the final layer of protection available for personal safety.
  • If mains-supplied voltages (ie 110VAC / 230VAC) are present within the confines of the HEVO;
    • Ensure that the cabling used conforms to appropriate colour standards (ie for live, neutral, earth cables).
    • Ensure that the cabling used caters for the provision of an earth connection. Put simply, DO NOT BRING SIMPLE 2-CORE MAINS CABLING ANYWHERE NEAR THE HEVO !!!
    • Ensure that pertinent metal chassis components (ie 3030 / 2020 frames) are earthed.
    • All related electrical equipment present within the confines of the HEVO should be firmly mounted and isolated from any conductive framework. Equipment should not simply be left loose on the floor of the HEVO.
    • It is strongly recommended that any mains-supplied connectivity within the HEVO frame be provided via the use of suitable bus-bars with suitable protective coverings.