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General FAQ's

See a question that gets asked a lot? Know an answer that gets asked a lot? Put it down here!

How much does it cost?

Currently the "standard" BOM is roughly $350 USD for all the hardware and electronics required except for the Hotend (of which a clone can be purchased for $50 USD or less). Though most people purchase upgrades (such as different hotends, controllers, LEDS, etc) which can add a fair bit of cost. Average shipping for the complete BOM to the USA is ~$130 USD. So a grand total "base" price is roughly $530.

Why 24v?

24v helps things heat up faster. Higher voltage means less amperage required to run through the wires. Also due to the size of the bed you may not be able to pull enough amperage through your electronics without stepping up to 24v.

Isn't X printer better?

If you're looking at the HEVO, it's probably because you like the idea of tinkering and building yourself. The "difference" between the HEVO and other printers is simply the construction design and the community. If you don't care how it's built, you should get any number of great kits out there. For example the CR-10 has a 300*300*400 build volume and can be purchased for $600 USD or less

What have others done?

Look at the BOM page for some users full Bill Of Materials, along with a spreadsheet listing many specs by different people.

What material should I print the components in?

See 3D Printed Components#Materials

I don't currently have a 3D printer, Where can I get the print-required components?

Depending on where you are, you have a few choices.

  • HEVO facebook group -- Some will print the pieces at a very low cost, either for the price of the filament required, or the price of filament plus a small fee.
  • /r/reprapPIF subreddit -- Has many active users who will print parts for new 3D printers at cost of filament as well.
  • Local 3D Printing Communities -- If you have access to a local makerspace or other forms of local community that does 3D printing - ask around
  • 3DHubs -- a commercial service that operate as a middleman between you and a local printer.
  • Shapeways -- A commercial printing service - expensive
  • Treatstock -- A commercial printing service
  • Print A Thing -- A commercial printing service

I'm brand new to 3D Printing, should I start with the HEVO?

The HEVO is a relatively easy printer to assemble. If you order your extrusions, rails, and lead screws cut to length, the only tools required are basic hex wrenches, and if you don't order wires, a bit of soldering. The frame is incredibly simple. While the CoreXY geometry is a bit complicated to understand at first glance, assembly is easy. The videos posted by Scott3D show most of the assembly, and a few other users are working on their own instructional videos. If the HEVO is in your price range, it is a FANTASTIC machine. By print area, it is one of the cheapest printers, and it has an active community on thingiverse and facebook, as well as this wiki.

Who is "Lin"?

Lin is the name of a vendor on AliExpress which sells the complete BOM. He's been very responsive and a large number of users in the Facebook group have ordered their parts through either AliExpress or by emailing him. See more on BOM.

Which is the best?

All of these questions are highly subjective, and depend on availiblity of parts, your past experience, and several other factors. The below information will give you a baseline, but nothing is definitive.

Which controller is the best?

You should pick the features that you need, and then look at the controllers that fit your criteria. A good starting point is the Smoothieboard, or the Duet with WiFi. These boards both feature 32bit processing, and have a strong open-source community backing them.

Which Z-Axis design is the best?

For all intents and purposes, the dual z axis is better. On larger printers, a single z axis leads to issues where the bed is at a slant. There is a thingiverse remix that is a WIP as of August 2017

Which hotend is the best?

The E3D V6 is a fantastic hotend. It is by far the most popular one on the market. There are many clones of varying quality on the market, but none are as good as the original.

What is the best place to buy the hardware?

This depends highly on your location. Aliexpress will almost always be cheapest.

Which type of bed sensor is the best?

This is really hard to answer, and there really isn't a definitive answer right now. A genuine BLTouch, an inductive sensor or precision piezo are all strong options. Regular endstops and manual leveling are also an option.